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Additional charges apply for:


  • Travel expenses outside of a 35 mile radius of Harrisburg NC.


  • Singing during the Reception.


  • Any extra meetings or practicing with musicians.


  • If I must provide sound equipment or sound technician.


Listed below is what I provide with the basic wedding package. We can customize based upon your specific needs. Price is determined by number of practices and/or hours at event, not the number of songs selected. Please feel free to  Contact  me for more information.

  • Conducted in person, phone, email or combination

  • Make song selection from existing song list or client suggestions

  • Decide song placement for the prelude and ceremony

  • 50% deposit required upon agreement

Wedding Rehearsal
  • Perform sound check - soloist provides music tracks

  • Allow one hour for the wedding rehearsal

  • Songs played for cues only and not in their entirety

  • Payment due in full

Wedding Day
  • Soloist arrives 1 hour before wedding for sound check

  • Allow 1 hour for wedding service for total of 2 hours

List of weding songs I've sung in the past, in case you need somewhere to start.

Need Floral Arrangements?

Contact me to schedule a free floral consultation for your wedding, home or office.

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